A Bed of Roses PRINT Photo by Disapol Savetsila.png


At House Conspiracy, West End
12- 16 MAY 2021

A show made up of true stories and experiences of young people in share-houses during Covid-19, from all over the world.

The biggest party of the year is being planned... that is, until lockdown is announced!

Become guests of the party and enter a world of lockdown mania, following the housemates as the sh*t hits the fan, friendships are put to the test, and maybe, just maybe, when the party is over things will be alright.

What do you do when you're forced to exist with people you can't stand?

Welcome to Rose St. The story is in your hands.

An immersive, interactive and site-specific theatre experience set in a converted Queenslander, on this May.



"Arbour Theatre Company really perfected the vibe of the house party, and the immersive experience began from the moment I arrived [...] I was taken right back to my early twenties – wander in, clutch your drink, look for someone you know, nod and smile at strangers." - Backstreet Brisbane 

"It’s the kind of show that will be different every time and no two viewers will have the same experience of it. [...] On its opening night A Bed of Roses was an absolute hit and I can’t wait to see where Arbour Theatre Company takes it from here." - Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane


Written by Disapol Savetsila.
Directed by Ruby Conolan Barrett.

Devised by actors and company.

Lighting by Steven May.

Original Cast and Devisors: 

Maisie Crosdale
Francis Rosbrook
Oliver English
Ben Snaith

Asia Beck